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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Collect Sports Memorabilia?

There are an estimated 60,000,000 sports fans in America, so it’s no surprise that sports cards & collectibles are the most actively traded item on the internet with over $5,000,000,000 sold every year. There are really only two criterias to collecting, there is collecting as an investment for profit and/or collecting for the pure enjoyment of it. It is typically unknown what the future value of the item will be, but what is now a memento of your favorite sports hero could become a worthwhile investment depending on how that player’s career develops. Two examples of this, fan Matt Murphy became part of history by snatching the ball that broke the all time home run record on August 7th, 2007. The Bonds ball actually went for a total of $752,467. The highest priced baseball memorabilia ever recorded was for the Mark McGwire's 62 home run ball for $3 million. One thing for sure is that each item or autograph is an original work of art.

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What Products Do You Carry?

We carry hundreds of sports, music, celebrity and historic and memorabilia items. Not limited to autographed cards, helmets, bats, balls, jersey's and photo's both (framed & unframed), etc. Our autograph product consist of most of the collegiate and professional sports leagues.

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What Determines Pricing?

Numerous things can influence the price of an autographed item such as the autograph and inscription fee charged by the athlete, promoter, agent etc. The number of autograph items or sessions conducted by the athlete, supply vs. demand, is the athlete is alive or deceased. The cost of the item being signed and whether it is an authentic, replica or a game-used piece. The athlete's performance on and off the field, including injuries, trades, criminal record and professional awards.

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What is a Certificate of Authenticity?

A document that guarantees that the athlete, celebrity or item being purchased is claimed to be authentic. There are many authentication service providers who certificate may accompany your item, some of the most notable are PSA/DNA, Global and James Spence are all third party authenticators. Autographs obtained in person will be accompanied by a Sports Possessions Inc./ 1st and Goal certificate of authenticity and the autograph is guaranteed to be 100% authentic. Sports Possessions purchases only from distributors, vendors, promoters, agents and auction houses that meet our rigorous quality standards, some of these companies include Steiner, Sports Images, Tri-Star, Athlon, Ohio Sports Marketing and various auction houses.

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